Steel Palisade Fencing Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your Steel Palisade Fencing installation going to take?

Our Steel Palisade Fencing installation estimated time of completion is based on the size of your perimeter. You could send us some pictures of the area you are looking to install your steel fencing and we will be happy to provide you with a quick estimation.

How strong is your steel?

The steel we use for our palisade fencing is manufactured and designed by our own technicians using international standards to comply with steel quality that is guaranteed to last you for over ten years and can take huge amount of stress and even block cars from going through them.

Do you repair bent or broken Steel Palisade Fencing?

Yes, we provide Steel Palisade Fencing repair services that will take your broken or bent steel and have them looking good as new. Get in touch with us for professional steel producers in the city.

In what  ways can your steel fencing be applied?

Steel Palisade Fencing applications include:

  • High Security Airports
  • Air Force Bases
  • Private Schools and Universities
  • Security For Residential Areas
  • Commercial Property Fencing
  • Industrial Area Fencing
  • Security Fencing for Recreational Areas