Let our team guide you to a reputable waterproofing company with experienced water proofing contractors nearby. Hire Cheap waterproofers near you!

Let our team guide you to a reputable waterproofing company with experienced water proofing contractors nearby. Hire Cheap waterproofers near you!

Our team specialises in connecting you with the top-notch waterproofing companies in your locality. We leverage our industry knowledge to guide you towards businesses that hold a reputation for excellence and quality service.

The professionals we recommend demonstrate high-level expertise, carry years of experience, and are equipped to handle all kinds of waterproofing challenges.

Notably, they offer diverse services such as basement waterproofing, roof waterproofing solutions, damp proofing services, concrete waterproofing services and more.

These licensed contractors prioritise customer satisfaction and work diligently to meet your specific needs.

  • They use advanced techniques coupled with state-of-the-art tools to ensure a thoroughly water-sealed environment at your residence or commercial building.

Whether it’s a leaking roof or issues with moisture barriers or crawl space encapsulation – these experienced specialists have got you covered!

Through us, enjoy swift access to accomplished waterproofing contractors renowned for delivering trusted expert water proofing solutions right here in South Africa.

Waterproofing Services Ready for You in South Africa

Waterproofing Services Ready for You in South Africa

We offer expert residential and commercial waterproofing solutions, as well as consultation services and repair & maintenance options in South Africa.

Expert Residential Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

Our expert team across South Africa provides the best residential waterproofing solutions.

  • At the heart of our service, we focus on building trust with homeowners and offering peace of mind.

With a top specialist company in Johannesburg leading the way, our countrywide network includes specialists in cities such as Durban and Gauteng.

  • We deal with all kinds of problems ranging from small leaks to serious damp issues using cutting-edge technology from premier providers like Robex.

Our services cater to an array of structural types ensuring every household remains safe and secure regardless of its design or construction material.

Embracing modern technologies, professional approach, coupled with years of hands-on experience make us your reliable choice when it comes to protecting your home against water damage.

Expert Commercial Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

Commercial waterproofing solutions in South Africa are designed with a high level of expertise.

  • Industry-leading companies offer comprehensive services to meet various commercial water proofing needs.

They provide an array of waterproofing products, including liquid applications, torch applied membranes, and injection systems.

Their efficiency ensures protection from damage caused by extreme weather conditions or structural issues.

  • Commercial establishments can benefit immensely from the use of bituminous waterproofing and mortars provided by these esteemed contractors.

The dedicated teams closely adhere to industry standards for service delivery guarantee customer satisfaction across provinces like Alberton, Durbanville, Johannesburg among others.

In considering cost implications; the price guide available provides insight on budget allocation towards achieving desired outcomes while ensuring value for money spent is realized.

A detailed explanation about assorted waterproof remedies can facilitate decision-making processes especially when choosing between DIY methods versus professional proficiency.

Expert Waterproofing Consultation in South Africa

Our team of waterproofing specialists is always ready to offer you expert consultations on various waterproofing services in South Africa.

  • We understand the unique challenges posed by different building designs and weather conditions, so we tailor our solutions to best fit your needs.

Whether it’s mold prevention, deck waterproofing, or basement sealing, we know what works best in each situation.

  • Rely on us for advice when selecting from a range of water-resistant coatings or damp proofing options for concrete surfaces.

Remember, proper consultation prior to any project execution ensures effective and long-lasting results that save both time and money in the future.

Expert Waterproofing Repair & Maintenance in South Africa

South African waterproofing professionals offer a range of repair and maintenance services.

  • They are experts in diagnosing water leaks, repairing cracked or deteriorated foundations, and improving the overall water-resistance of structures using long-lasting products.

These skilled contractors work with both residential and commercial properties to ensure their buildings remain dry and safe from potential water damage.

  • They utilize advanced techniques for sealing basements, roofs, decks, balconies and even bathrooms against moisture intrusion.

Working meticulously, they address damp-proofing needs alongside general waterproofing concerns with precision and effectiveness.

  • Their practical experience combined with up-to-date knowledge about materials used in the industry guarantees high-quality solutions to your waterproofing problems.

Moreover, these specialists provide regular maintenance services that help extend the lifespan of installed waterproof systems while ensuring optimal functionality.

  • Regular inspections carried out by professionals can prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs or replacements in the future by making timely interventions possible.

The importance of professional upkeep cannot be overstated when it comes to preserving your precious investment against destructive elements like rainwater saturation which potentially leads to foundational weakening if left unattended over time.

8 Perks of Working with Professional Waterproofing Specialists

  1. Access to expert knowledge and experience gained from many years in the waterproofing industry.
  2. Receive advanced roof, wall, and floor waterproofing solutions designed to address unique challenges in each area of your property.
  3. Benefit from specialized equipment used by professionals to identify and solve damp issues effectively without causing further damage.
  4. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that professionals handle all types of damp problems with an expert application process.
  5. Get personalized advice and assistance tailored to your project needs which you can rely on before, during, and after the completion of the waterproofing work.
  6. Avoid mistakes commonly made in DIY efforts such as wrong product usage or incomplete surface preparation by entrusting your waterproofing needs to trained specialists.
  7. Gain valuable insights into the affordability of various waterproofing materials and methods through your contractor’s network of vendors and suppliers.
  8. Leave concerns about safety compliance, permits, and regulations handling to the pros who stay abreast of industry standards and local legislation related to building envelope waterproofing procedures.

Assorted Waterproofing Solutions

In this section, we will explore different types of waterproofing solutions including liquid applications, torched membranes, and cold applied membranes.

Can You Explain What Liquid Applications Are?

Liquid applications refer to the use of liquid-based materials or coatings in waterproofing.

  • One popular form is a liquid membrane, which cures and forms an elastic waterproof layer on surfaces it’s applied to.

Such membranes prove invaluable in various roofing and water-resistant projects.

The application process is relatively simple but requires precision for optimal results. First, a thorough cleaning of the roof or area intended for treatment is necessary.

  • Following that, you prime the surface; then detailing is carried out using reinforcement fabric dipped into the membrane itself before doing full coats over this established base layer.

The end product after curing? A rubber-like protective barrier against moisture like rainwater and dampness ensuring longevity of your structure.

Understanding the Concept: What Are Torched Membranes?

Torched membranes are a critical part of many waterproofing solutions.

  • These involve applying a blend of bitumen and polymers to a reinforcement membrane using a flame source, typically from a torch.

This technique is particularly applicable for flat roofs, walls, and even pitched roofs.

The process results in strong adherence to surfaces which effectively shields against water damage.

  • Torched membranes boast of excellent quality and durability in their waterproofing capabilities.

Bitumen torch-on membranes can come in diverse finishes that cater to various waterproofing needs across residential or commercial applications. Overall, torched membranes serve as dependable barriers to keep water from infiltrating and compromising the integrity of the surface they protect.

An Introduction: What Are Cold Applied Membranes?

Cold applied membranes are a type of liquid waterproofing system that offers a durable and flexible solution for protecting structures from water damage.

  • Unlike hot-applied systems, cold applied membranes can be quickly cured and provide long-lasting protection.

These liquid-based coatings form a seamless membrane over surfaces, ensuring effective waterproofing for roofs, walls, and other structures.

Cold applied membranes are known for their ability to handle heavy loads and withstand abrasion, making them an ideal choice for various waterproofing applications.

A Comparison of Different Waterproofing Solutions in South Africa

You may wonder about the various waterproofing solutions available in South Africa. Here’s an insightful comparison to guide your decision:

  • Liquid Applications: These are waterproofing solutions which include a broad range of liquid waterproofing coatings. They are known for their flexibility and multi-surface application benefits.
  • Torched Membranes: A popular waterproofing method, torched membranes offer a durable and effective solution to moisture problems. The application involves torching bituminous membranes onto surfaces for ultimate waterproofing.
  • Cold Applied Membranes: These are synthetic single ply membranes, considered efficient due to their easy application process. This does not require heat or flame, making it a safe waterproofing method.
  • Cementitious Waterproofing: This is a common waterproofing method that involves a cement-based solution. It’s a reliable method for surface area waterproofing and shows extensive use in South Africa.
  • Bituminous Membrane: This waterproofing method involves a bituminous coating or membrane. It’s an effective method for waterproofing roofs and other surfaces where moisture can be a problem.

Resolving Waterproofing Challenges and Remedies

Resolving waterproofing challenges is crucial to prevent damage to your property. Here are some remedies to address common issues:

  1. Cracks in walls or floors: Seal cracks with an appropriate waterproofing sealant to prevent water seepage.
  2. Leaky roofs: Repair damaged or missing shingles, and apply a waterproof coating or membrane to protect your roof from water infiltration.
  3. Damp basements: Install a sump pump and drainage system to remove excess water, and consider applying a waterproofing membrane on the walls.
  4. Mold growth: Properly ventilate high-humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens, and treat existing mold with a mold remediation product.
  5. Inadequate drainage: Ensure that gutters and downspouts are clean and functional, directing water away from the foundation of your building.
  6. Poor surface preparation: Thoroughly clean and dry surfaces before applying any waterproofing products for better adhesion and effectiveness.

Waterproofing Contractor Proficiency vs DIY Methods Analyzed

Here’s a comprehensive analysis of the efficiency of waterproofing contractors as compared to DIY methods:

  • Water Intrusion Solutions: Professional waterproofing contractors bring extensive expertise and hands-on experience to tackle tricky water intrusion problems. DIY methods may lack the necessary knowledge and skill set.
  • Qualification and Accreditation: Contractors usually possess relevant qualifications, such as the CPC31411 – Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing. The lack of proper credentials may limit DIY enthusiasts’ effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Waterproofing Design: Professionals are proficient in developing a comprehensive waterproofing design, ensuring all possible entry points for water are sealed. On the other hand, DIY methods might overlook some critical areas.
  • Time Efficiency: Professionals are accustomed to working on tight schedules and meeting deadlines, whereas DIY projects might stretch indefinitely.
  • Longevity and Warranty: Professionals not only guarantee the longevity of their work but also provide warranties. DIY methods, however, don’t offer such assurances.
  • Blind-Side Waterproofing: This complex procedure requires professional expertise, as the waterproofing needs to be performed before pouring the concrete. DIY methods might not be equipped to handle this task.
  • Costs: While initial spending on professional services might be high, the benefits, such as prevention of potential water damages, outweigh the investment. Conversely, DIY methods might seem cost-effective initially but might lead to future damages if not done correctly.
  • Sourcing of Materials: Professionals have better access to high-quality waterproofing materials in the market, unlike DIY enthusiasts who may not have the same purchasing power or knowledge about the best products.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Professionals are well-versed with the regulatory norms and ensure their work complies with them. DIY enthusiasts may not be aware of such regulations.

8 Upsides of hiring professional Waterproofing Contractors near me

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Professional contractors provide long-term solutions, saving you money in the future by preventing potential water damage and costly repairs.
  2. Expertise and Experience: Professional contractors have the knowledge and experience necessary to accurately assess your waterproofing needs and provide effective solutions tailored to your specific situation.
  3. Quality Workmanship: Hiring professionals ensures that the waterproofing job is done to high standards, using quality materials and techniques that will withstand the test of time.
  4. Time Efficiency: Professionals complete projects efficiently and within a set timeframe, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.
  5. Warranty and Guarantees: Reputable contractors offer warranties or guarantees on their work, providing you with peace of mind knowing that any issues will be handled promptly.
  6. Access to Specialized Tools and Equipment: Professional contractors have access to advanced tools and equipment specifically designed for waterproofing projects, ensuring optimal results.
  7. Compliance with Building Codes: Professionals are well-versed in local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your waterproofing project meets all necessary requirements.
  8. Expert Advice: Professional contractors can provide valuable advice on maintenance strategies and preventive measures to help you preserve the integrity of your structure for years to come.

Waterproofing Service Fees in South Africa: 2023 Pricing Guide

  • The cost of bitumen spray-on waterproofing ranges from R300/sqm to R500/sqm, with an average of R400/sqm.
  • Waterproofing installation labour costs around R160/sqm on average, but it can vary between R70/sqm and R250/sqm.
  • Roof waterproofing costs can range from R3,000 to as much as R100,000.
  • Damp-proofing prices in South Africa start from about R200 per linear meter and go up to approximately R500 per linear meter.
  • Liquid rubber and torch-on waterproofing methods are commonly used, with prices typically calculated per square meter.

10 Influential Factors Affecting Waterproofing Prices in South Africa

  1. Project Size: The size of the project will directly impact the total cost of waterproofing. Larger projects typically require more materials and labor, leading to higher prices.
  2. Material Type: Different types of waterproofing materials have varying costs. For example, bitumen spray-on waterproofing is generally more affordable compared to other options like liquid membranes or torch-on systems.
  3. Number of Coats: The number of coats needed for proper waterproofing will affect the overall price. Additional coats may be necessary for areas that require extra protection against water damage.
  4. Location: Prices can also vary depending on the location of the project. Waterproofing services in major cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town may have higher costs compared to smaller towns or rural areas.
  5. Accessibility: The accessibility of the site can also impact pricing. Projects that are difficult to reach or require special equipment may incur additional charges.
  6. Complexity: The complexity of the project, such as intricate designs or challenging surfaces, can increase the cost of waterproofing. Specialized techniques and additional labour may be required.
  7. Existing Damage: If there is existing damage that needs to be repaired before waterproofing, it could add to the overall cost.
  8. Warranty and Guarantees: Some waterproofing contractors offer warranties or guarantees for their work, which might affect pricing.
  9. Timeframe: Urgent projects or those with tight deadlines may come with higher costs due to rushed schedules and overtime wages.
  10. Quality of Workmanship: The experience and expertise of the waterproofing contractor can impact pricing as well. Highly reputable and experienced contractors may charge higher rates for their services.

Discover Provinces and Areas with Accessible Waterproofing Services in South Africa

Discover Provinces and Areas with Accessible Waterproofing Services in South Africa

South Africa is a country with a wide range of provinces and areas that offer accessible waterproofing services.

  • Whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, or Durban, you can find professional waterproofing specialists to meet your needs.

Some of the popular areas known for their high demand for waterproofing services include Somerset West and Helderberg.

  • No matter where you are located in South Africa, there are reputable companies that provide impeccable quality and service in the industry.

So, if you’re looking for reliable waterproofing solutions, you can easily discover provinces and areas with accessible services throughout South Africa.

Conclusion: Choose Local Waterproofing Specialists for Your Project in Your Area!

Conclusion: Choose Local Waterproofing Specialists for Your Project in Your Area!

Choose experienced and reputable waterproofing specialists in your local area to ensure a successful project. Don’t compromise on the quality of waterproofing for your home or commercial building.

Trust the expertise and knowledge of skilled professionals to provide effective and long-lasting solutions.


1. What is the purpose of waterproofing?

Waterproofing your property, either residential or commercial, helps in preventing leaks and water ingress into structures such as walls and roofs, providing protection against flood damage.

2. How does Dulux Roofguard contribute to roof waterproofing?

Dulux Roofguard is a product used in roof waterproofing services along with bitumen membrane or HDPE membrane.

  • It creates a water-resistant barrier on roofs including roof gardens, aiding in leak repair and prevention.

3. Can DIY Waterproofing solutions be effective for bathrooms and decks?

Yes! Bathroom waterproofing solutions can come in forms like paint that have acrylic-based waterproofer agents while Deck and Balcony Waterproofing might require primer followed by special sealants making both suitable for DIY methods.

4. Is there an average cost for waterproofing my home foundation?

The cost of exterior foundation waterproofing varies depending on factors like materials used (e.g., membranes, repellent products) labour costs involved; however many service providers offer affordable package deals which include inspection services too!

5. Are emergency waterproofing services available if I find sudden leaks at home?

Definitely! Many companies offer crawl space encapsulation, mould remediation and emergency repairs around the clock ensuring swift response when you need it most.

6. What’s included under the scope of commercial waterproofing services?

Commercial exact needs vary but typically includes large-scale applications like structural reinforcement with membranes or sealant application over exterior walls aside from standard leakage detection & repair tasks offering competitive quotes fitting into business budget considerations.